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Friends of the Museum

The Friends of the Spring Street Museum was established in March 2007 as a 501 3 C non-profit organization to promote both the education and cultural welfare of The Spring Street Historical Museum in Shreveport, and to develop, expand, and improve the Museum’s projects so as to provide for broader educational and cultural advantages and opportunities, encourage research, and increase the Museum’s usefulness to all citizens of Louisiana and of the United States of America, and, in pursuance thereof, to do any and all of the following, to-wit:

§ To provide local ideas for the direction of the planning and operation of the Museum;

§ To support and assist the professional staff of the Museum in every way possible to attain the long-range goals;

§ To support and assist in making the Museum a center of history;

§ To raise funds and assist the efforts of the Museum’s staff with educational and entertaining programs and events programmed for a diverse audience;

§ To support and assist the Museum in improving its aesthetics and growth, by obtaining, among other things, memorial gifts suitable to the Museum’s plans and goals;

§ To serve as a promotional organization for the Museum, acquainting the public and the appropriate officials with the contributions and needs of the Museum;

§ To do generally the things necessary to make the public feel that the Museum belongs to them, individually, as well as collectively, and that the Museum is their gathering place for their educational and cultural welfare.